Slide Use and Applications  
The compactness, low humidity absorption and the warm colour make this stone an ideal material for the building industry (interior and external), it can be processed as a block piece as well as a 1 cm tile.

Basaltite® has been used in many applications from pavements of urban places to historical centres. The anti-slip properties make it an excellent material for every kind of paving (interior and external). Anyway, its characteristics make Basaltite® suitable everywhere, from the simple kerb to the most sophisticated of projects. That’s why it is chosen worldwide by architects and project-studios for:

Due to the tensile strength and its high breaking resistance, Basaltite® is suitable for ventilated and traditional cladding, even in big dimensions of large structures and buildings, which are exposed to the extreme elements of weather, particularly snow and ice as well as saltiness and it can be used even in regions with earthquake risk.